what should come first, securing housing or securing a job when moving? I’ll still be able to commute to my current job from where I want to move to but it’ll be a much longer drive and I kind of hate it here. On the other hand, if I secure a job close to where I want to live, I have somewhere close I can sleep on days before I’m scheduled to work, but the drive from my current house would be hellish on days where I’m coming from home until I move out since it’s with traffic in the mornings.

I don’t know the order of things in being an adult, pls advise


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Midna from Zelda and our swwetheart Cutie Honey from the Gainax reboot Re:Cutie Honey!
Go Nagai + Gainax + Imaishi, I think it’s my favorite anime <3

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July 31 2014


Finished reading Bryan Lee O’Malley’s (radiomaru) Seconds a couple days ago and loved it so I drew Lis

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that said, WHO WANTS TO PLAY FINAL FANTASY XIV WITH ME? Let me refer u, we both get cool items for it :*

i ran turn 6 and 7 yesterday for the first time with beau’s group in our fc and it was ??? kind of stressful at first but once I got the swing of things it was really fun, it feels good to be on endgame content again even if it’s a bit late in the game. a lot of the members from his static were on alts trying to gear them up so I wasn’t the only one with below-i100 gear at least =v= now that I know the content I just need to find a static of my own since I was only filling in for their scholar who’s on vacation or something atm.